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Components for vacuum applications


Important differences to other kinds of system and plants have to be taken into consideration when using drives and moving components in vacuum chambers. Many components are no standardized catalogue products and have to be custom-built.


LSA GmbH disposes of manifold references and is able to rely on a huge experience base for the construction and realization of vacuum compatible actuator systems. During a variety of successful projects expertise for drive systems in technical vacuum and in clean rooms was acquired. We use special materials with respect to gas rates and particle emissions (i.e. VA stainless steel, non eloxed aluminium, PEEK). With carefully selected modules, solutions under extreme conditions were realized.


clean room

Vacuum compatible systems are built up at LSA GmbH in a special clean room with high cleanliness requirements and minimal risk of contamination for the components to be assembled. The systems will be delivered after functional tests. Our specialty are high dynamic systems with long range, high velocities and extreme accelerations with µm precision in small installation space.


The load reaches from grams to several 100 kg. After the development of many special solutions for customer requirements we draw on a broad portfolio of successfully applied linear and rotary actuators. So already a travel length of 6 m was realized and permanent accelerations of 10 m/sand more are common.


We plan and install individual actuators as well as complete positioning systems with several axes that are geared to each other.


In development of high- and ultrahigh-vacuum systems we have recourse to a wide-ranging pool of specialized suppliers. In addition we are able to construct and manufacture special components in accordance with your requirements.


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Technical facts and systems:


  • Down to 10-7 mbar
  • Minimal degassing and particle emission
  • Special solutions for heat management
  • Motion systems of high dimensions
  • Degassing monitoring by use of our own mass spectrograph



Katalog Vakuum 


Download catalogue components for vacuum applications (German)



  • V1_gross


Synchronous servo motors


Mo=0.4 Nm, Mn=0.38 Nm, n=6,000 rpm, Io=1 A, In=0.8 A, U=230 V


Mo=1.8 Nm, Mn=1.7 Nm, n=3,000 rpm, Io= 2 A, In=1.6 A, U=230 V


Mo=7 Nm, Mn=7.1 Nm, n=2,000 rpm, Io= 3.8 A, In=3.7 A, U=230 V

Aluminum housing, shaft made of steel 42CrMo4

Connection: PTFE-insulated braided wire, PTFE clamp with stainless steel clamping inserts

  • bled
  • with resolver


  • V3_gross

Torque motor T100-30-5V0-VAK2:

U=230 V, n=160 rpm, Mn=1.6 Nm,

moment of inertia=1,150 kg/mm2, I=160 mA
number of poles=24
aluminum housing
connection: PTFE-insulated braided wire, PTFE clamp with stainless steel clamping inserts

  • bled
  • encoder – measuring system


  • v14

Torque motor T03-600-125 -VAK

nominal torque=3 Nm, peak torque=15 Nm

20 ms within a 2-minute interval         

DC-link voltage=125 V, nominal current=2.8 A,

peak current=12.76 A

number of poles=16, speed= 600 rpm max.,

repeatability of measuring system: 7 arcsec

connecting wires: PTFE-insulated

encoder feedback with zero position, encoder, 1 Vpp

used for process pressures 10-7 mbar,

housing: stainless steel, weight approx. 7 kg

water cooling, G1/8“, 2.5 bar, 6 mm, 4-12 l/min

inner hollow shaft diameter: 40 mm

motor depth: 115 mm

outer motor diameter (without flange): 133 mm


  • v15

Torque motor T12-300-125 -VAK

nominal torque=12 Nm

peak torque=45 Nm

20 ms within a 2-minute interval

DC-link voltage=125 V, nominal current=4 A,

peak current=15.6 A

number of poles=44, speed=300 rpm max.,

repeatability of measuring system: 5 arcsec

connecting wires: PTFFE-insulated

used for process pressures 10-7 mbar

housing: stainless steel, weight approx. 23.5 kg

water cooling, G1/8“, 2.5 bar, 6 mm, 4-12 l/min

inner hollow shaft diameter 130mm

motor depth: 120 mm

outer motor diameter with flange: 300 mm


  • v4_gross

Linear axis with linear motor

U=230 V, stroke 250..400 mm,

number of poles=8 or 12
aluminum housing, balll chain guide, with vacuum grease

connection: PTFE-insulated braided wire,

PTFE clamp with stainless steel clamping inserts


  • V5_gross

Worm gears:

i = 22 with hollow shaft di = 30

  • mass-reduced
  • aluminum housing
  • shaft and worm screw made of special materials


  • V6_gross

Heat sink for forcer linear motor

copper, nickel-plated, with slotted holes and fittings

various forms (tailor-made)


  • V9_gross

Complete, ready-to-assemble systems

We offer several standardized layouts for multi-axis systems. Should these not fulfil your entire requirements they will be configured, constructed and manufactured depending on the customer and application.


  • v16

Systems control

The complete controls for the supplied systems can be made available including visualisations / HMI and a pre-defined process / automation interface.



Vacuum linear drive:


The linear axis is a further development of our own modular drive system. The experiences made in a variety of pervious solutions were incorporated in the development. The drive is conditioned for use in a technical high vacuum down to 10-7 mbar. The motor is designed brushless and iron-free. The axis is freely scalable up to a length of several meters. The cross section can either be executed as highly loadable profile (2 guide rails, centered magnet track) or in compact design (1 guide rail, magnet track above).


  • Suitable for precise movement of very high payloads (up to 1,000 kg)
  • 0,01 – 5,000 mm/s
  • Up to 50 m/s²
  • Up to 0.001 mm repeatability
  • Up to 0.003 mm positioning accuracy


With our modular construction system a lot of customer-specific versions can be drawn, modeled, manufactured and applied quickly.





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